About Us

Burando Hill Pty Ltd, established in 1977, is an Australia-wide agricultural equipment and parts distributor, dealer and retailer for products in the grain handling, grain storage, spraying, liquid applications, seeding technology and monitoring devices, GPS and compact implement categories. The company currently distributes products manufactured in Australia, Canada, the United States and China, through two retail outlets and eight dealers in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and is actively recruiting new distribution outlets on an on-going basis.

Burando Hill is a family owned business that has built its reputation on providing products to the farmers that have been tested and approved by the farm families that own the company. Burando Hill has been involved in product innovation, invention, design, manufacturing, sub-contract manufacturing, assembly, service, wholesale and retail distribution, at a national, state and local level. The company has a purpose-built assembly and showroom in Katanning (WA) and an assembly and sales branch in Geraldton (WA).

Burando Hill actively seeks innovative products from all over the world that may have useful application for agriculture in Australia.